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My Hometown

I grew up in a small city (well, in Chinese standard) located on the Southeastern coast of China called Wenzhou. It is a beautiful "Jiangnan" style place with rivers and mountains all across the city. It is also considered as one of the pioneers for China's economic reform, which gave birth to the first private shop, several initial private enterprises, and several initial entrepreneurs in the early 1980s. It has been the symbol of China's energetic economy and successful privatization. Witnessing all the improvements in my daily life from my childhood, I am shocked by the power of creativity of people. Maybe that's the reason why I choose economics as my major. 


Wenzhou in the 1990s, when I was a kid. 


Wenzhou now.


One day in 1997, when I was a seven-year-old kid, I turned on the TV and saw the incredible performance of Ronaldo, the fenomeno. It was the second that changed my life, after which I fell in love with this beautiful sport. Since then, I've been a Nerazzurri for twenty years. Forza Inter!


The photo was shot before the match of Inter and Lazio for Supercoppa Italiana, 2009, in front of the Beijing National Stadium (the Bird's Nest), with my friends. I will never forget that season, in which my team won the only Treble in Italian football history (Serie A, TIM Cup, and UEFA Champions League), under the leadership of the great Jose Mourinho.

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