1. Migration, Housing Constraint, and Inequality: A Quantitative Analysis of China, with Min Fang (Forthcoming at Labour Economics)    [PDF] [Slides] [SSRN]

Working Papers

1. Peer Effects, Parental Migration and Children's Human Capital: A Spatial Equilibrium Analysis in China, (Revise and Resubmit at The Journal of Political Economy)     [PDF[Slides] [SSRN]

2. Fertility, Child Gender, and Parental Migration Decision: Evidence from One Child Policy in Chinawith Lin Lin and Junsen Zhang (Reject and Resubmit at The Review of Economics and Statistics)     [PDF] [Slides] [SSRN]                        

3. Regional Convergence or Just An Illusion? Place-based Land Policy and Spatial Misallocation

with Min Fang, Libin Han, Ming Lu and  Li Zhang     [PDF] [SSRN]

4. Labor Demand During Covid-19: Evidence from Online Job Postings in China, with Qin Chen, Lisa Kahn and Geunyong Park (Draft coming soon)

5. Son Preference Can Hurt Sons: Fertility, Parents' Migration, and Left-behind Children, with Xu Jiang and Ang Sun (Draft coming soon)


Selected Work In Progress

What Do Alibaba Data Tell Us about Price and Quality in China?

with Mark Bils, Min Fang and Tianchen Song (Granted by Alibaba Huoshui Research Plan)

Offshoring of Jobs in Multinational Companies: Evidence from Online Job Postings in the U.S. and China

with Qin Chen, Lisa KahnLindsay Oldenski and Geunyong Park